A Uniquely Maltese Pop-up Book

Intercontinental & P&A Sullivan

Not all pop-ups are spam!

When the Intercontinental Hotel and travel company P&A Sullivan first approached us to create a promotional pop-up book, we knew immediately that this job would turn into a passion project for our design team. We began with some intensive research on the art of paper engineering, and then, armed with new skills, our team then worked on a number of prototypes. 

Once we got the technical details out of the way, we moved onto the creative bit. We produced dozens of intricate illustrations and began to forge a visual identity for the pop-up book, utilising a distinctly mediterranean colour palette and sumptuous texturing to add character to the typically Maltese visuals. 

Piece by piece, the project began to take shape, but the deal wasn’t sealed until we began gluing and binding the final product from dozens of carefully cut pieces of paper. After weeks of planning, designing and co-ordinating with (very patient) printers, the first of three books finally came together beautifully and the rest was history.

The final result

Representatives from P&A Sullivan and the Intercontinental Malta took three pop-up books to a major international hospitality fair abroad and made serious waves with their unique take on promoting Malta. Attendees of the event loved the pop-up book, and many even asked if they could have a copy.