L-Iskaliz Branding

L-Iskaliz by Grabiel Restaurant

Creative Concept

A well-established family business nestled in the southern fishing village in Marsascala, Grabiel’s humble beginnings began by serving food from the side of a bus. So when we were contacted to spearhead a rebranding project for Grabiel, we didn’t just have a household name to uphold, we had family pride to endorse. 


The project centred around raising awareness of the Grabiel’s two completely separate dining experiences; Gabriel Terrazza, a more relaxed and casual setting, and L-Iskaliz, a fine-dining, indoor restaurant.

The strategy involved revamping Terrazza’s dated bus logo, and creating a new, vibrant menu design and managed Facebook posts. L-Iskaliz was where we got to cast our innovative net out and develop a completely original brand, with custom hand-drawn then digitalised logos, menu design complete with marine themed icons and signage. Dinner is served!