Grab a Dewar's and Go

P. Cutajar

Grab a Dewar's and go

Grab a Dewar’s and go - that’s exactly what the founders of the world’s most extraordinary Scotch did. After researching the Dewar's family’s incredible story of grit and determination, we concluded that extraordinary Scotch warrants an extraordinary life. We used Facebook posts, an in-store quiz and radio adverts to inspire our audience to be extraordinary themselves. 


We worked with Maltese illustrator Moira Zahra to create a series of inspiring Facebook images. These showed people parachuting in front of a super moon over Mdina, white water rafting down a flooded Valley Road, partying on a road trip through Mellieha and living extraordinarily with Dewar’s. 

In-store Quiz

Did you know that Tommy Dewar crossed Africa by camel to sell Dewar’s to a new continent? Or that England’s Queen Victoria used to drink Dewar’s in her tea? These unbelievable facts are part of what makes Dewar’s whisky so remarkable. To promote the brand and share these awesome facts we built a custom stand and quiz to have in supermarkets. Shoppers had the opportunity to answer fun questions about Dewar’s whisky to win a free gift. 


We reached out to more people with motivating radio ads on Bay radio telling listeners to 'Grab a Dewar’s and go.' 


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