Corvo Glicine Rosé Product Launch

P. Cutajar

Corvo Glicine Rosé

If you’ve ever been to a beach BBQ in Malta, then you’ve almost definitely sipped on a cool glass of Corvo Glicine Bianco. If you haven’t crossed paths with a bottle of ‘Gleech’, you’re in the minority; Malta tops the brand's global sales figures. With the Maltese being the wine’s most loyal consumers, Corvo decided to do something a little special for the Maltese market with a new rosé custom-made for the Maltese palate. 

Platforms Used

To launch Corvo's first rosé, We organised and shot a series of lifestyle-based product shots, as well as styling and directing 5 studio shots with photographer Kris Micallef. The main campaign used eye-catching block colours which complemented the plush pink bottle. Cinematographs were also created to bring the adverts to life. Our designs for Corvo Glicine Rosé were displayed on billboards across the island, and heavily marketed on Instagram and Facebook posts and stories, Youtube and Google display.

Concept shoot

Corvo Rosé is all about beaches, picnics, pool parties and days spent at sea. When it came to producing a launch campaign, we wanted to depict Corvo in its natural setting, without taking any attention off the product. So, we teamed up with Kris Micallef to produce a series of styled studio shots featuring the Corvo Rosé bottle with a cast of typical local objects which represent the context and settings where Corvo truly shines. In each shot we gathered together a collection of items which represented a typical Corvo setting. 

Lifestyle shots

Summer in Malta never gets old, so we created a summery catalogue of lifestyle photos to maintain Corvo Rosé’s online presence throughout the launch campaign and beyond. We visited locations all over the island to create an extensive series of images, from which we then cherrypicked the very best photos. Since any new product demands special attention at launch, we chose to keep the Corvo bottle at the heart of each image, avoiding live models and using props and locations to set the scene instead.