Blonde and Giant VR Christmas Video

Blonde and Giant

Did you receive one of our Christmas VR Headsets?

You can watch our Christmas Video by following the printed instructions and clicking this link. **Important note - You need to open this within the Youtube app on your phone. The VR option will not appear if you open Youtube within a browser like Chrome or Safari. If you have trouble doing this, you can also search for our video directly on the Youtube app. 

Blonde and Giant Christmas Gift 2018

In 2015 we gave our clients time-locked boxes which opened automatically a couple of days before Christmas with a special surprise inside. This year we wanted to follow up with something even better. But what? Blonde and Giant has grown rapidly over the last two years and we wanted to give our clients a glimpse into the life of our team with a gift that was fun, interactive and personal. We thought a virtual reality headset with a special video message from us would do the trick.

An immersive 360 Christmas Video

To create a video that our clients could immerse themselves in, we used a 360 camera to record a timelapse Christmas Video Card. We took an ordinary room and turned it into an explosion of Christmas activity - Complete with drinks, Christmas puddings, presents, carolling and signs telling the watcher where to look next. 

Customising the experience

All was calm and all was bright, until we saw the mountain of presents to deliver. But, they say the manner of giving is just as important as the gift. So we got to work and wrapped 50 Christmas parcels to hand deliver to our clients and industry friends. 

Inside was a branded virtual reality headset for our clients to keep, along with instructions written and designed by us. The instructions told the receiver to use their new virtual reality glasses to watch a video message and to have a very merry Christmas.