The Bed Boutique Branding


Bed Boutique - Rest, Assured

When Form approached us to artistically develop a brand for their new in-store bedding department, we assured them that they could rest easy. When building out the Bed Boutique brand, we kept in mind that while sleep may be restful, but buying a mattress can be an ordeal. It involves knowing what you want, finding the right model, and often agreeing on it with a partner (not to mention sorting out a smooth delivery). To combat the many little stresses of finding the perfect mattress, we created a brand intended to calm, relax and soothe. 

Our Process

The design process focused on simplicity; creating calm and soothing visuals with organic shapes. With relaxation in mind, we built our designs around one key word ‘soft’. Light illustrated brush strokes, a two-tone blue based colour scheme, and the absence of any harsh lines or edges all gently introduce the brand to its audience. Our dreamily designed brand creation was featured in Google ads, Facebook posts and website banners.

Landing Page

Finding a great mattress is as much about knowing what you need, as it is about finding the right selection to pick from. We built a custom landing page for Bed Boutique that helps their customers make the right decision by guiding them through the benefits and features of different mattresses, matching each person to a mattress that suits their particular lifestyle and needs.