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Internship opportunities

We’re looking for design, creative and copywriting interns for 2019/2020. If you're passionate, ambitious, reliable and care deeply about delivering outstanding work, we'd love to hear from you. 

An internship with us is involves working closely with our team and actively participating in research, creative brainstorming, campaign creation and project management.

How to apply; Send an email on

Graphic Designer

Are you wildly creative, or do you have a brain that’s great at organising information in a visual way? Do you love doing one thing very well, or are you a curiosity-driven jack of all trades? At Blonde and Giant we understand that graphic designers are not a single species. We’re looking to grow our design team with junior and senior creatives who bring a variety of skills and methodologies to the table - All you have to be is great at whatever it is that you do best.

How to tell if you’re right for the role - 

You work well within a team

You have the courage to stand up for your ideas

And the humility to receive feedback

You’re good at explaining the rationale behind your work

You have at least 1 year of previous agency experience

How to apply

Send a CV and Covering Letter to

Digital Marketing Specialist

We’re looking for a data-driven digital marketing expert with a proven track-record in creating successful online marketing strategies. The role will involve meeting with our clients, understanding their sales funnel, and proposing measurable strategies for promoting or selling their products and services online. You will propose platforms, targeting strategies, budgets, goals, and KPIs for each campaign, and then follow up with analysis, reporting and optimisation. 

How to tell if you’re right for the role - 

You work well within a team

You’re good at condensing complex strategies into simple language

You’re comfortable with public speaking

You have at least 2 years of relevant experience in an agency setting

You’re driven by a combination of data and logic

How to apply

Send a CV and Covering Letter to