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After crash-landing on Earth due to Giant error and being stranded on the fortuitously temperate island of Malta, we set about building a small full-service advertising agency and are now working hard to survive and succeed.

We’re a start-up ready to pour our ideas and energy into our first clients. Could you be one of them?

About Us

Hi. I’m Mark. If you ever work with us, I’m the person you’ll hear from most. I love to make things work well and I’m quite at home in the eye of the storm. For the last ten years I’ve worked at newspapers, agencies, client-side, and even started a media buying business. Today, my energy is dedicated to building the most efficient and purposeful agency that I can.
Hi. I’m Beppe. I live to learn and I’ll try my hand at just about anything. I like honest advertising and ideas which add value to people’s lives. In the past, my job was to supply creative ideas for many of Malta’s biggest brands. Today I spend my time trying to think of unconventional ways to make marketing more rewarding and beneficial for everyone involved.

Are you ready to claim your free idea?

All you need to do to is give us your name, a way to contact you, and a little information about the kind of idea you need - and we’ll take over from there. We’ll get in touch with you in January to set a meeting and deliver your idea. In the meantime, have a fantastic Christmas and New Year’s.